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Get yourselves ready to play the third and final new game we are adding today into the PJ Masks Games category, which we know without a doubt to be one of the most beloved categories of games on our website, so we are sure that this game is going to be enjoyed by many of you, especially since there hasn't been a game like this one in this category before, so it is going to be a fresh experience for all of the fans of this category. You can learn how the game works and what you do in it right from this description, which we invite you all to read right now! Well, in this game, you begin by choosing one of the three heroes, but you can then go and choose the other two as well, as you can interact with all of them. When you have selected the hero, you see their soundboard, where you can click on the different buttons on it. Each button is going to play the different thing that the character says in different situations, or the character's theme song, for example. This way, you will get to know these amazing characters even better. Wait no more, but start playing this brilliant game on our website right now, and we guarantee you an awesome time!


Use the mouse.

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Tamzid Rahman 10.04.2017 17:49

It was great and good about this even I liked the music about Luna Girl. Always the truth thing was the PJ Masks. I like and love destroying things.

Staƛ 19.03.2017 20:08

Ok :)

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