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Today on our website, we are starting adding Dragon Ball Games, which is one of the newest categories of games we have created on our website, which we have high hopes in, since we know that the Dragon Ball anime series are the most popular ones in the entire world, and there are not only many children interested in playing these games, but there are also countless games available, and we want to bring them all closer to you. Dragon Ball Milennium Kill is the first game in the category, and we are now going to explain what you have to do in it, so that everything is going to work out just fine! First, select between the Single Mode, and the VS Mode. Then, you are going to have to select a character. Use the Q key to attack, the A to defend for the first player, and 7 to attack, and 4 to defend for the second player. You will first play rock-paper-scissors, and the winner can attack or defend. It's an unusual but really fun fighting game, so we now invite you all to give it a chance right now, because we are certain you will enjoy it!


Use the keys you are shown in the game.

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