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We hope that you are ready to play some great new Transformers Games on our website today, since we have planned to add some today as well, since there are so many games to keep offering you all on our website, and we know that you want to have as much fun as possible with these characters, so here it is, the game called Optimus Prime Roll Out. In it, together with Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, you are going to go on another mission to save Earth, and we are going to tell you what you have to do in the game right now, so make sure you keep reading! Your goal is to race the Decepticons to the Speed Planet Key. Build up speed along the way, to transform into a truck automatically. Use the left, right arrow keys to go into those directions, the up key to jump, and the Z key to shoot. With the down arrow key you can transform. Along the way, collect energon, health, and speed boosts, because they are going to help you greatly. It is an exciting game which we are sure you will have a lot of fun with, so we now invite you yo give it a go, and see how fun it is for yourself, because you will surely not regret it!


Use the arrow keys and Z key.

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