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Everyone, welcome back to, where today you are in for some great new games to play as well, like you do every day on our website, since we always do our utmost best to provide you with as much fun as possible, and we know that adding Transformers Games is a right step into that direction, since these games are really fun to play, and we know that you want to play as many as possible. The first one you will get to play today on our website is called Transformers Prestige. Now, to learn what you have to do in it, just read the following lines in this description. The Autobots need Energon in order to fight the Decepticons on Cybertron, and you will guid Optimus Prime through the dangers of Planet's Earth catacombs, to look for the energon. Use the mouse to move, and click when you want to jump. You can only jump when you have enough strength, remember. Along your path, collect coins, energon, and life. There are going to be spiders in your way, which you have to kill by jumping on their heads. Trust us when we say this game is worth your time, so start it right now, and enjoy it!


Use the mouse.

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