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Well, today on our website, we are once again bringing you all some new Transformers Games to play, starting with this game, called Transformers Dinobot Hunt, which we are sure you are going to love, because it features the Dinobots, which are transformers introduced in the last film in the series. The dinobots are transformers who came to Earth in the time of the dinosaurs, which is why they took dinosaur form in order to blend in, because it was dinosaurs that populated the Earth around that time. We are now going to give you details about what it is you have to do in the game, so pay attention, so that you do a good job at it! Use the arrow keys to navigate, and the space bar to use the weapon. You have to destroy enemy scout troopers, to destroy the enemy's defense turrets, and collect as many energon as you can, for bonus points. You are going to go on multiple missions, and you can choose which duo of Autobot and Dinobot you will go into action with. In each level you have a certain number of enemies you have to defeat, a certain number of energon to collect, and you always have to do it in the parameters of a certain time frame. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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