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Today on our website you will get the chance to play some great new iCarly Games, starting with this game, called iDefeat Psychos, in which Gibby and Guppy are going to be the two main characters, who are facing off with some psychos, and they cannot defeat them without your help, which is why you should waste no time at all, but begin playing the game immediately, helping save your heroes from danger. Of course, you must first learn what you have to do in the game, so we invite you to read this description to the end to find out, and have an amazing time with the game afterwards! A psycho has taken the iCarly gang hostage, so you have to help Gibby and Guppy fight their way through her robot clones, and save them from her crazy ways. Move with the left and right arrow keys, jump with up, and duck with down. Attack using the space bar, with which you attack the robots, and at all times, avoid the chicken robots as well. You have three lives, and in each level you play against time, so do not die before the clock strikes 0. What are you waiting, then? Start this game right now, and have a wonderful time on our website, like you usually do!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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