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Transformers Energon is the final new game from the Transformers Games category that we offer you the chance to play on our website today, so you should really do not miss out on it, because we are sure that you want to have as much fun as possible with your favorite robots in the entire universe. Once again, it is energon that they have to protect, since the evil Decepticons are out to get it, and you really need to help them out. If you want to know how you can do that, we invite you to read the description, learn what you have to do, and then begin playing the game, only on our website, where the fun never stops! Use the A and D keys to move the truck, and press the space bar in order to shoot. You have to drive the truck, defeat all of the monsters that come up in front of you, and collect the energon that is left after their defeat, and collect as much of it as possible. You are also timed, so in each level, try to resist as long as possible, because we are sure you do not want to be defeated. What are you waiting for? Start this amazing game right now, and let the fun begin!


Use the A,D keys and space bar.

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