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Mine It is the first game that you will be able to play today for free on Friv Games Today, and it is one of the most fun Minecraft Games that you will be able to play all day, and we are sure that you are going to love it. That is exactly why we have put it on our website, where a lot of players come in order to find all the new Minecraft Games online that they can play. Next, we are going to explain to you how the Mine It game is played, so that you do a very good job, and will manage to win the game with ease. In mine it, you will have to use the A and D keys, or the left and right arrow keys, which you have to use in order to rotate the screen to the left or to the right. You have to do that in order to move the blocks and make them go until the finish line. They will go through all sorts of mines, so you have to pay attention and do your best in order to rotate the screen correctly. Once you reach the finish line, there you have to press space in order to advance to the next level. In total, you will have 15 levels to play, and one boss level, so do your best in all of them to win the game! Don't forget to check the other friv Minecraft Games that we offer you!


Use the A,D keys or the left and right arrow keys.

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joycemarquesjm 17.07.2017 14:27

nem pega direito toda vez que eu vou jogar um jogo nao pega ta me dando raiva ja

fakhry 17.12.2016 00:43


gabriela 13.12.2016 01:26

não gostei

Juan 15.05.2016 21:39

that game is cool down

fabio 27.03.2016 18:29


RAYLSON 25.03.2016 23:05


arthur 23.03.2016 18:32

esse jogo e barato para caramba

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