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Dear visitors of www.friv-games-today.com, we now want to invite all of you to play the game called Energon Rally, which is the newest game we have added into the Transformers Games category on our website, where we hope to bring you as many wonderful games as possible, since we know that it is our website that you visit looking for them. With this category, we have been doing amazing work, like we continue to do so today, when you get to play a Transformers racing game unlike any you played before, about which you can learn more from this description, which we recommend you read! First of all, you will have to choose which one of the three Transformers do you want to drive in their car form. You have to get to the end of the track as fast as possible. To jump over the obstacles in your path, press the up arrow key, and use the down arrow key to drive under low obstacles. Along the way, get energon cubes in order to get extra points, and the Autobot emblem to get an extra shield. That is basically all you have to know about this game, so we are inviting you to start it right now, and have a great time on our website!


Use the arrow keys.

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