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Well, welcome to the second game from the Rock Dog Games category, a game which we have promised you a few hours back, so of course we are keeping our promise and bringing it to you right now, when only on do you get the chance to play the game called Rock Dog Mixed-Up Lyrics, which we are sure you are going to love just as much as you did the previous games in the category! If the performers have their lyrics mixed-up, they are not going to do a great performance, which is why you will help with that. Find out how from this description, then start the game and let the fun begin! First, choose a song type: short, medium, or long. You will get different sentences, explanations, or other things like that where you have to fill up the gap with a word. What you do is choose the correct word that is needed in the blank out of the three you are given. When you are done, with the nine words that you have chosen, the songwriters are going to make a song for you. Doesn't it sound fun? Well, start the game now, and let the fun begin, then!


Use the mouse.

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