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We know how much you love Sofia the First and how much you like to play games with this amazing princess that you get to see daily on Disney Junior, which is why we are very happy that right now we get the chance to bring you a brand new game to this category, a game which is called Princess Science Class, and which we definitely recommend that you play, mainly because it is a game unlike you have played before. You have played quiz games on our website before, but not like this one, since this requires your knowledge of science, in order for Sofia to pass the science test. We will teach you what you have to do right now, so have no worries at all! Well, on the blackboard, you are going to have a certain science question, for which you have to select one of the three possible answers that you are given, which needs to fill in the blank in the sentence. If you get it right, you get 10 points, otherwise you don't, and move on to the next question. Get as many of them right, in order to get as much points as possible, and Sofia will pass her test. We wish you all good luck, and hope that you have a great time!


Use the mouse.

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