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Well, we did promise two new Teen Titans Go Games, which is why right now you get the chance to play the game called Teen Titans Go Food Fight, which is a great game we definitely recommend to each and every one of you, since we have played it, have had a lot of fun doing that, and we want you all to experience the same fun we had, which is why we needed to share the game with you all as fast as possible. Well, we know we recently had another game with a food fight, but this one is different, like you will find out from the following lines in this description, which explain what you have to do. Well, you will be Robin, and will have a food fight with the other Titans. You use the mouse to throw food at them. They will show up from all parts of the room, and when they do, you need to quickly click on them to hit them with food, before they disappear. They will try the same, so be faster than them, because getting hit too much will cost you the game. They have a life bar which you need to empty to defeat them. You will start with pizza, and continue throwing all sorts of other foods. Good luck to you, and a great time we wish for you!


Use the mouse.

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