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Today on our website, we are planning on offering you some awesome new Batman Games to play, starting with this one, which is a game called Batman Ice Age, and which we definitely recommend to each and every one of you, as we do all of the games from this DC Comics Games category. Batman has to save Gotham City once again, and this mission requires your help, which we are sure you will give to him. It seems that winter has already come, although it is only October. Is Mr. Freeze up to something? Find out and learn more about the game right now, then start it, resolve the mystery, and save Gotham! Use the left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump, and down arrow key to dodge. Punch with CTRL, and jump kick by combining UP and CTRL. Use the space bar for the following actions: use the batrope, make a batbot boast-flip, use the elevator, or activate a switch. You have four lives, in which you need to try and get as many points as possible, getting extra points if you have more lives left. Collect tokens, neutralize enemies, and activate switches. Start the adventure right now, and have a lot of fun!


Use the arrow keys, CTRL key, and space bar.

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