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The new game from the Iron Man Games category that we wanted to share with all of you on our website today is this one, a game which is called Iron Man Hulkbuster, and which is the first game of it's kind in the category, even though you already may have played games where you can modify the Iron Man suit however you want to. Well, this one is a little bit special though, because here you have a brand new suit, the Hulkbuster, which is a really by Iron Man suit designed in order to withstand the power of the Hulk when he goes berserk, and we have seen it in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, by playing this game, you will assemble it yourself, and we will tell you how right now, so pay attention! You are going to make the armor a body part at a time, because it is so big, starting with the head. For each segment, you get the parts of the armor on the bottom of the game screen, and you will use the mouse to put them where they belong on the transparent model. When they are all done, they are put together, and you can customize the colors of the armor afterwards. Start the fun right now, only on our website!


Use the mouse.

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