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iKissed Him First is the latest addition to the iCarly Games category on our website, where this past couple of months we have added lots and lots of amazing new games, something which we are going to continue doing for a few weeks, so we are very happy that today we get to bring you the game called iKissed Him First, which is a game which maybe not too many fans of the show have played, since it is pretty new, even though the show ended years ago. You can learn how to play it from this description, after which we hope that is going to be the first thing you are going to do! Who will get to kiss Shane? Carly or Sam? Carly's kisses are pink, and Sam's kisses are blue. The only way you can tell who Shane wants to kiss at any moment is to watch the Kiss-O-Meter. If it is pointing towards pink, use your mouse to drag Carly's kisses to Shane. If it points towards blue, do the same thing, only towards Sam. All the other kisses you have to drag back at the girl who sent it. That's about it, so start this unique and fun kissing game right now, only on our website, and we have no doubt at all you will enjoy it!


Use the mouse.

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know me know me instagram 03.06.2017 19:22

The game is fun toats fun I hoe more fans think so too and tag along

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