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Dear visitors of, here we are, back with yet another installment of the Snail Bob Games series on our website, which we have seen that you enjoy a lot, which is why we are very happy whenever we get to bring you a new game from it, especially since each new one will take you to another part of the world, or in another time era, meaning things always get to be more and more interesting, and there is more fun to be had. Where do you go this time? In space, isn't that amazing? Now, let's see how the game works, so that you can begin playing it immediately! You are going to have to use the various tools along the way in order to open paths for Bob, because otherwise he cannot advance. If it is needed to stop him, click on him to do that, and click once again to get him back moving. Also, do not forget to collect all of the stars along the way, by clicking on them, because you are going to increase your score if you do that. Each level comes with new challenges, which you can get past if you concentrate. Good luck to you, and we hope you have an amazing time playing this game!


Use the mouse.

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