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This is the first Unity 3D game from GTA like games category where the title Miami Mafia Hitman makes it's way to the best game with mafia, hitman and shooting from! In this game you are not in the bad side because you are a cop with real good skills in fight and shooting with different types of wepons and guns. In the first mission you have to kill 100 bad boys with your guns that are a pistol, a Mag and some grenades. The bad people are dressed in black suet and they are runing in your way shooting so you have to be very clever and on the stage to clear the mission and make the city a better one, more safe! In the next mission our cop that in this game it's you, will have a pretty hard mission because here he will need to destroy 10 vehicles and cars wherewith the bad boys are comes. Play the newest mafia hitman games named Miami Mafia Hitman. If you want more gta games online you cand choose your game from our grand theif auto games!


Use the W,A,S,D and mouse to control your character. Use Click Right to throw grenades and Click Left to shoot.

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