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Today on our website you are once again going to be able to play new Avatar Games, which we know is a category you love a lot, which is why we insist on bringing you as many new games as we can in it, almost daily, in order to keep you having fun on our website together with some of your favorite characters! Fire Nation Barge Barrage is the latest addition to this category, where this time you will play together with Prince Zuko and his fire nation, whom you have to help conquer the water and earth nations. We will explain how right now, so pay attention! On the map, choose the village you want to attack, and then press enter to start the battle. Each village has defense ranked from one to five. They are harder to conquer the bigger their rank. Use the arrows to control the motion of the barge. Save people from the water to get crew, and assign them to attack, defense, or propulsion jobs. To succeed in the barrage, you have to take down the walls of the villages. To shoot, use the A and S keys. There are different kinds of enemies, and watch out for power-ups as well. Start your conquering mission right now, and have lots of fun!


Use the arrow keys, mouse, enter key, A and S keys.

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