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The third new category that we wanted to present to all of you on our website today is the Ipad Games category, which, while it might not be as big as the other two we have created, the games are high-quality and fun, and without a doubt, quality is more important than quantity, don't you think? Well, you are going to see that right now, when we have just brought you the game called Ipad Repair, which is the first one from the category. It is not surprising to see such a game, since ipads and Apple products in general are known to be very fragile, and their screens break easily. Well, the same happened in this game, so you are going to repair the device. To make sure you have fun doing it, we will now explain how you do it, so make sure you carefully read the description! In the repair part of the game, which is the first one, you use the tools given to repair each part of the broken ipad. You simply click on the tools that the hand indicates, and click with them where you are shown, to get each problem solved. Then you have two other levels, where you get to make the device better, as you can modify it's look in many wonderful ways. Have fun!


Use the mouse.

Ipad Repair Walkthrough

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