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Well, we did promise that we were going to bring you some more Love Test Games on our website these days, which is why we are excited that right now on our website you all get the chance to play the game entitled True Love Calculator, which is the newest addition to the category, and for anything in the world, you should not miss out on the chance to play this game. Don't you want to find out if you and your crush are compatible, through the power of calculus? Well, you surely do, so we are now going to tell you how this game works, so pay attention, so that you can then start playing it! You are going to put your name in the first box, and then put the name of your crush in the other box. Then, the game is going to do it's magic and calculate how well the two of you match with one another, and after it is done, you are going to get a percentage, which is going to represent how well the two of you fit with one another. As you can see, it is both easy and fun, so you should waste no time at all, but begin playing the game immediately, and have a lot of fun with it!


Use the mouse.

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IZZy 10.03.2019 09:26

It doesn't even work don't play on it

Ashlyne 01.02.2018 21:25

This game is stupid i wrote down my solwmates name and it said i had 0% love for him

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