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Republic City Run is the name of the most recent game that our administrative team here at wanted to offer all of you into the Avatar Games category, this one being based on the Legend of Korra series, like you have probably realized only from the title, since Republic City is a city that is only featured in that series. Korra is once again on a mission, which is natural, since she is the Avatar, and you will have to help her on it. If you want to know what you will be doing exactly, then keep reading this description, and you will find out right now! Korra is going to be running by herself, but sometimes you have to make her jump, which you do by clicking. Double clicking is going to permit you doing a double jump. What you have to do is jump in order to collect coins, avoid obstacles or enemies, or collect energy orbs. If you want to shoot down the enemies that are approaching, press the space bar to use your bending powers. Do not hit any of them three times, because if that happens, you lose all your lives, and in turn, the game. Good luck, and we hope you have a blast with this game!


Use the mouse and space bar.

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