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We hope that you are up for playing yet another new game belonging to the Love Test Games category on our website, which we know is beloved by many of you, which is exactly the reason why we have been bringing you so many of these awesome games into this category recently. We found some awesome new ones to bring you, and we know that Love Calculator is definitely going to be an asset for the category, and we have no doubts at all that you are going to be satisfied with it. Love is important for everyone, and kids and teens always have crushes, which is why these games tell them whether or not the two would be a match. If you have such a curiosity, learn how the game works from this next part of the description, and then play it and enjoy it fully! In the box on the top you are going to put in your name, and in the box on the bottom you are going to put in the name of your crush. After you are done doing that, based on each of your names, and using a complex algorithm, the game is going to give you a percentage, which is going to show how well you and your partner would do together as a couple. At the end, you can also get a minion, which will be assigned randomly. Have fun!


Use the mouse.

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