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Hopefully you are all down to play a brand new game belonging to the Avatar Games category on our website, a game which is called Republic City Rescue, and in which you are definitely going to have an awesome time, like we think has been the case with all of the games in this category so far, no matter on which of the two series that game was based on. This one, like the other recent ones, is based on The Legend of Korra series, which was the sequel to the original. In this new game, she has to once again save Republic City, and we are going to tell you how you help her right now, so pay attention to this description! You are going to hold the mouse button if you want to make Korra fly using her bending abilities. You have to fly in order to go as further as possible, because the distance is measured, and also, to collect as many of the coins on the track as possible, in order to get points. Of course, as you advance, you are also going to encounter obstacles, so do your best to avoid them, if you do not want to lose the game. But, remember to get the power-ups, though! Good luck to you, and have an awesome time!


Use the mouse.

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