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On, our administrative team is constantly creating new games to bring you all into our amazing categories, which is how today on our website you get to play the game called GTA Spot the Differences, which is the latest addition to our category of GTA Games, and because the category is very popular, we want to bring you in it as much wonderful content as possible. There have been all sorts of games added into it before, but this is the first differences game in it, so read this description to learn how the game works, and then give it a go! There are going to be a total of three levels, each of them with a different set of two images which seem to be the same, but they are not. Between them there are five differences which you need to find, and when you do, you use the mouse to click on them, and have them marked. Once you have found all five, you move on to the next level of the game, and once you have finished all the three levels, you will have won the game! We wish you all good luck, and hope you have a great time with the game!


Use the mouse.

GTA Spot the Differences Walkthrough

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