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Pirates of the Caribbean Games is the latest category of games that we have created for our website, where we are very happy that today we get to bring you all it's first ever game, a game which is entitled Cannon Assault, where you are about to have a really fantastic time, which is how we think it is usually the case when you get to be a pirate in an online game, right? Well, one of the most used weapons on a pirate ship, or any ship from that era for the matter, is the cannon, which you will use in this game, and if you want knowledge on how to do it, make sure you keep reading the description! To control your cannon, you are going to use the mouse to take aim at the enemy ship, and when you are ready to fire, click the left mouse button. If your life bar gets empty, you lose the game, so do not let that happen. In each level you will have to sink a certain number of ships to advance, so give it your best all of the time. It's that simple and that fun, so you should waste no time at all, but give this game a shot right now, and shoot all of the enemy ships in sight, like a true pirate would!


Use the mouse.

Cannon Assault Walkthrough

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