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We really hope that you are up to continue playing Disney Cars Games on our website, because right this moment you get to do so with the game called Luigi and Guido's Tire Rush, which is the latest addition to this wonderful category, where you are now going to play together with Luigi and Guido, who are two small italian cars who have a tire shop, and they also handle the changing of the tires of Lightning McQueen during races. You will get to help them with this job by playing this game, and if you want more details about how you do it, just make sure you read this description to the end! You will help Guido look for the special tires and get them to the pump. You have to clear the way by pushing tires with the arrow keys, and remember to make it quick, because each level is timed and your customer will leave if you take too long, so speed is key. That's basically all you need to know, in addition to the fact that you get points for changing tires, so try to get many! Give this game a go right now, and just like with all the others, you are guaranteed to have a really great time!


Use the arrow keys.

Luigi and Guido's Tire Rush Walkthrough

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