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Come and play Mine Blocks, the newest game added to the wonderful Minecraft Games online category on our site, right now, because you are going to have a lot of fun in a 2D Minecraft world where you will be able to do whatever fun things you want just like in the normal minecraft game, just that this one is online. You will be able to mine, build, and explore the lands of this world. You will use the W, A, left and right in order to move. W and space are for jumping, and with S you can crouch. To mine a block, you have to position the mouse in the direction of the the block you wish to mine, and then you click and hold. You can then use these blocks to build all kinds of stuff. To place a block you will select an intem from the hot bar of your inventory, and then positon the mouse where you want it put, and click and hold. For crafting, you can press the E key to open up the inventory, where you can craft torches, pickaxes, and many other interesting things. You can make farms, portals, or you can get to ender. The possibilities are endless, so start playing this game and have fun righr now!


Use the W,A,S,D keys or the arrow keys and the space bar.

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