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Well, what were the chances that today on our website we would not bring you new Pirates of the Caribbean Games? Well, obviously, really low, which is exactly why right now on our website you get to play the game called Pirate's Dice, which is the newest addtion to the category, and the first ever game in it where you get to play dice with the pirates, which is pretty normal, considering that gambling is an activity that these pirates love to do a lot while they are out on the sea. This description will explain what you will have to do, so pay attention to it! Roll the dice and bid on what you think is on the table. If you lose a challenge, you will die, and if you lose all of your dice, you are out of the game. Remember that honesty is not always the best policy, as bluffing your enemies is not only fun, but sometimes even necessary. It's a simple game of guessing, where you need both attention and a lot of luck as well, so now that you know how to play the game, give it a go immediately, and have a tremendous time on our website! What are you waiting for, then?


Use the mouse.

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