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Well, we are going to continue to bring you Star Wars Games focusing on the lightsabers, because we have seen you enjoyed the previous one a lot, so something tells us that you are going to enjoy this one greatly as well, a game called Lightsaber Battle, which we definitely recommend to you all! If in the previous game, you got to create your own lightsaber, in this one you get to do battle with one, which we are sure is something that all children that saw these movies have imagined they want to do. You are now going to learn how to play the game, and after you are done, you should start playing it immediately! Use your mouse to strike and block with your lightsaber, and move your mouse to swing it. Hold down the mouse button and move your mouse to block with your lightsaber in that direction. In the game, you are going to have to use the lightsaber to fight all sorts of droids that are attacking you, getting points in return for each one you got, but be careful, because if you get hit too many times by them, you will lose the game entirely. Good luck to you, and we hope you will have a great time!


Use the mouse.

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