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We are very happy that the next game that we are offering you all right now into our category of Spiderman Games is this one, a game called Epic Celeb Brawl: Spiderman, which is the first ever game we have added from the popular series of Epic Celeb Brawl Games, which features all sorts of characters and real celebrities which you can punch in a boxing game, which is what you are going to be doing right now in this game, with the one an only Spider-Man! If you ever wanted to know if you can beat him, this is your chance. We will now tell you how the game works, after which we hope you will play it immediately! Well, you are going to press the Z or N button to use a light punch, and the X or M button to use a hard punch, and you can use the keys which are more to your advantage. Of course, the other button you need to know about is the space bar, which you use to block your opponent's attack. Your goal in this game is going to be to punch your enemy until you have emptied his health bar, and gain as many points as possible in the process. Since you now know what to do, we hope you will start playing right now, and have a blast with it!


Use the Z,X,N,M keys and the space bar.

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