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Arkanoid Games can only be awesome if they also belong to a category of Super Heroes Games just like Thor Games, wouldn't you agree? Well, we certainly think that is the case, and this new game we have added for you all is going to prove it, since we are talking about a game entitled Thor Frost Giant Frenzy, which is the first ever arkanoid game of the category, and the first one we have brought you all in a while. We will explain it right now, so that those not familiar with such games can learn how to play it! Move Thor using the right and left arrow keys, or the mouse. Click anywhere to launch the hammer, with your goal being to have it hit the ice blocks, removing them, and gaining points in return. You then need to make sure you keep touching the hammer to send it back, because if it falls down, you lose a life. Hit the hammer icon to get extra lives, which are always very handy. Can you break them all? Can you make a lot of points? Start the game right now, find the answers, and have a really great time!


Use the mouse.

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