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The Floogals Games category on our website only gets better with each new game, as right now we have brought you one of the best skill games you will be playing all day on our website, a game which is called Feed the Floogals, in which you are going to do exactly what the title says, which is feed the Floogals. While this might seem like somewhat of a boring activity, we can assure you that it is not! The Floogals are now learning about our food, which can be healthy or not, so your goal in the game will be to feed them vegetables and fruits, but not gum, which is not healthy. How do you do it? We will explain right now, so pay attention! The food will come from the right, and when it is near the mouth of the character, click to have it open, and the character eat the food, with you gaining points in return, and filling up the bar. You cannot let the bar get depleted completely, or you lose the game, and try your best to gain as many points as you can. When the gum is near, do not click the mouse. It's simple as that, so start playing now, and have fun!


Use the mouse.

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