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Where's Perry? is the first game added into the Phineas and Ferb Games category on our website, a category of Disney XD Games we are proud to have created, as we are going to offer you some really fantastic games in it, one more fun and more interesting than the other, something which we are sure that everyone on our website is going to appreciate, since these games are always a blast to play. In this new game, Agent P is missing, so you have to use Phineas and Ferb's unconventional machine to travel the world and track him. How? Well, find out right now from this description! First level is USA, then the UK, China, and Africa. Swing with the left arrow key, smash with the right arrow key, and jump with the up arrow key. Along the way, collect the three tools to give you lives so that you can last longer, so do not hit obstacles or fall into the pits. The more you advance, the more points you are going to get, so go far and get a high score in the game. We want to wish you all good luck now, and a great time with this game!


Use the arrow keys.

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