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While the Disney Coco Games category had puzzle games in it before this one, the other one has not only a different format, but a different picture as well, in addition to the fact that in this puzzle game you get more than you bargained for, since you will not be able to solve only one puzzle, but three! Yes, you read that right! Playing this game will offer you the chance to play three puzzles with images from Coco, the upcoming Disney animation. We will now explain how you solve these puzzles, so pay attention! Well, there are three puzzles, and while the first level has only four puzzle pieces, the second and third levels will have a total of 16 pieces, and all the images will be different through the three levels. You are going to use the mouse to pick up each piece, all of them having a rectangular shape, and move them over the transparent image, where they match it, until they are all in place and make a complete picture. Not hard at all, right? It is not only not difficult, but a really fun time to have, so start the game now, and enjoy!


Use the mouse.

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