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Surprise! We have even more Phineas and Ferb Games in store for all of you on our website, with the main reason for that being that there are plenty of games with these amazing characters for us to offer you to play, and since we want to have the complete collection of such games on our website, we will keep adding them until we have brought them all over. The game that you are about to play right now is entitled Inator Overload, where you need to help Agent P stop Carl from using the Inators all over the Tri-State Area. How? Well, you don't need to worry, since we will explain it right now! Press the space bar or the left mouse button in order to jump. Jump on bots to disable them, and along the way, try to pick up as many bonuses as possible. In order to win each level, you have to shut down the computer. You get points depending on how many bots you take down, and remember to be careful, because you only have three lives at your disposal. Try to get all the achievements as well. We invite you to start playing right now, and we are sure you will enjoy it!


Use the mouse or space bar.

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