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Cookie Wrap is the name of the newest game we are offering you today into the Victorious Games category, which we are trying our best to make as big as possibly, and today we are bringing you in it the final six games we have for it, but you should not be sad about it, but instead enjoy these final games as much as possible, completing your Victorious experience! This new game focuses on Cat Valentine and her love for cookies, which she has to wrap, and we will now explain how, so make sure you pay attention! She will show you the cookie she is supposed to make, and you click on the ingredients in the correct order to assemble the cookie exactly like it looks above. You are being timed, so give it your best to finish them as quickly as possible. You get more points the faster you are, so that is great as well. What are you waiting for? The premise of the game has been explained, so it is now up to you to give it your best at the game, and have a terrific time!


Use the mouse.

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