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Welcome to Minecraft Block Match, one of the newest Minecraft Games and newest matching games from our website, and not only that, but this is an original game created by our administrative team, which means that it is here that you get to play it for the first time ever, so do not miss this chance for anything in the world! With this game, we hope that we prove once again why our website should be the first place you visit if you look for the best and newest Minecraft Games. Matching games and Minecraft Games work very well together, as we have proven before, so with this game we will recapture the magic, only this one is a different kind of matching game, a bit different than those you are used to. Why? Well, if you read this next part of the description and learn about the gameplay, you will see why that is, and you will surely want to start playing it immediately! The blocks that you will have to match are going to have minecraft-like designs on them. You have to find groups of three or more identical blocks, and click on them, in order to have them removed, and gain points in return. You need to remove a certain number of blocks in each level, of each type, in order to advance to the next level. If you make a match of a certain number, you will create some types of bombs, on which if you click, you will be able to remove objects of different kinds in one go. Those are the rules of the game, so now that you know them, we invite you to start playing right away, and have a tremendous time, like you can have only here, on our website!


Use the mouse.

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