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Wing It is not only the first game we have added into the Endangered Species Games, but it is also one of the newest flappy bird games online from our website, which is a type of game which still remains popular even years after the popularity surge of the app with the same name, and it seems that these games have made themselves at home in the world of online games, with even official games adapting this format for their games. If you are not used to playing flappy bird games, why don't you just read the next part of the description, and find from it how to play and win this game? Well, in this game you will control a bird, with which you have to fly through the obstacles on top and on the bottom, without touching them, because the moment you do, the bird falls down and you lose the game. Instead, for every obstacle that you get past, you get points in return, so the longer you go, the more points you earn. To make the bird fly, use the left mouse button. Now that you know how to play the game, give it a go right now, and have fun, which is a guarantee with such awesome games as these ones!


Use the mouse.

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