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Vortex of Doom is one of the best adventure games you will play today in the Gravity Falls Games category, where we aim to provide you with as much awesome games as we can these following days, since we know that these characters are beloved, so we are sure that you want to have as much fun with them as possible! By mistake, Mabel and Dipper got transported into another dimension through the book. In this game, both of them have been transported, only one is at a level on the top, and one at the bottom. You need to help them get to the end of the levels at the same time, so you will be controlling them simultaneously. How? Well, we will tell you everything right now, so pay attention! Well, to move the characters use the right and left arrow keys, and the space bar to jump. In each level you need to get a star with both of the characters in order to enter the vortex and get to the next level. Find the best way to complete the levels, and avoid any traps, obstacles, or enemies along the way. We want to wish you all good luck in the end, and a great time on our website!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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