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Welcome to Hero's Choice a game where Spongebob and Patrick Star are going to let you enter in a world of super heroes, because ever since the super hero movie genre has become popular, they are more and more keen on the idea of becoming super heroes themselves, which is what they will pretend to be in this brand new game we are offering you the chance to play right now, which you should really not miss, since you have not played anything like it before. Let us tell you more about it right now, so that you can start it immediately! First, choose between Spongebob and Patrick's made up heroes. You are then going to play all sorts of mini-games with that characters, games in which you have a choice, which is either going to make you win that game and advance, or lose and have to start all over again. Try to make the right choice each time, and if not, simply learn from your mistakes. We hope you will not waste a second, but begin playing this awesome game right now, and when you are done, you should check out other games from this awesome category as well!


Use the mouse.

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