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Welcome to Attic Stuff Golf, not only one of the newest golf games online on our website, but the first game of the day from the Gravity Falls Games category, where we are once again going to provide you all with one awesome game after the other, so we have no doubt at all that you are not going to be disappointed by this game, since we had fun playing it, so why would you not as well? In this game you will play golf in the attic of the Mystery Shack, using the stuff there, and we will explain more right now, so make sure that you pay attention! First, pick between Mabel and Dipper, then choose between the one player or 2 player mode. Click anywhere on the box to set a start point. Click, hold and move the mouse to aim and set power, then release to shoot. If you shoot over five strokes on a hole, your turn is over and the tally is set to six. You can earn extra points by bouncing the balls off the walls and objects. To set the course again, click on the eye icon. In the end, we only want to wish you all good luck, in hopes that you will have a terrific time playing this game!


Use the mouse.

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