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We hope you like dragons games, because in the American Dragon Games category we are offering you one of the best dragon flying games you will get to play today on any website that you visit, so why not stay here and try it, and see for yourself just how much fun you can have with such a game? The game is entitled Dangerous Descent, meaning you are going to help Jake in his dragon form descend from the sky safely, although the road is pretty dangerous. To help you win the game, we will now offer you details about what you have to do. Move using the arrow keys, and fire using the space bar. Defeat the huntsmen to open valves and release the magical creatures that they have captured. Along your path, also pick up health, which will be very useful. You only have three health bars, so losing all three of them will cost you the game. Anything that comes in your path, give it your best to overcome it, and you will be very happy at the end of this game, without a doubt. Why wait, then? Start this game right now, as you now have the knowledge needed to clear the game very easily!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.

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