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We hope you like tile games online and logic games and strategy games, because this new addition to the American Dragon Games category is all of these three things into one, a game which our administrative team highly recommends to everyone, it being entitled Jake's Dragon Tile Combo. In it, you are finally going to learn the ancient ways of the tile games in China, which Jake's grandfather thinks is very important for him and you as well to know. We will now explain how you play the game, so that you can get to it as soon as possible! Remove all the tiles on the board by clicking on the matching ones. The titles that are tinted red are not clickable until the top tiles are removed. Some designs may be on the board several times to choose wisely in order to clear all the tiles. There are magical power tiles which you should give your best to match, since they are really helpful. There are plenty of other rules as well, since it is pretty complicated, but click on Help to learn all of them. Now that you know what you have to do, start playing the game and have a brilliant time on our website!


Use the mouse.

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