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Sunny Day Coloring Book is not only one of our newest coloring games, but also the first from the Sunny Day Games category on our website, and not only that, but this is an original game made by our administrative team especially for our website, where we love to bring you all original games, especially for categories that had no games in them before, like it is the case with this one, as it is firstly on our website that you get to find these games. If you want to know how the game works before you start it, make sure you read the description carefully! First, you choose the page that you want to color from those made available to you. On the bottom of the game screen you can find the colors that you can use, in the form of pencils. Click and hold to draw lines of color, using this method to make the black and white image a colored one, which is going to make it a lot better for sure. You also have an eraser you can use, and you can change how big the point you color with is as well. Use your imagination to color however you want to, and we are sure you will have a great time!


Use the mouse.

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