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The Lego Ninjago Games category on our website is without a doubt one of our most popular ones, which is why we are very happy that we get to start this day off on our website by providing you all with a game from this category, a game which is called Lego Ninjago Jigsaw Puzzle, in which our administrative team puts it's faith in, as we have no doubts at all that you will have a really enjoyable time playing it. To make sure of that, we will now offer you more details on how it works, so pay attention. When you begin, you have to choose between the Facile and Dificile levels of difficulty, with the first one having fewer puzzle pieces than the second one. After that, for a second you will see a complete image, which is then separated into puzzle pieces which are spread randomly on the game screen. You will use the mouse to put them into the blank spots, putting the pieces together until you form the complete image which will look just like in the beginning. If you concentrate, we are sure you will do great, so start this game right now, and have a blast!


Use the mouse.

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