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We have not added new Fidget Spinner Games online on our website in a while, so it is with great pleasure that right now we get to invite you all to play the game called Fidget Spinner Picker, which is the latest addition to the category, and a game which we are sure is going to make lots of children happy, since we know that this is one of the most beloved categories of games we have created recently, and the Fidget Spinner craze is still going on, even online. We will now proceed by offering you more information about what you have to do in the game, so pay attention to these lines if you want to do a great job. Your fidget spinner is going to have three holes in it, each one represented by a color. You need to use the right and left arrow keys to spin it so that you grab the balls in the holes in the correct way, meaning you have to grab the green dots with the green hole for example, and so forth. You get points when you do it correctly, but you lose when you grab a ball with the wrong color. How many points can you make? Try this game right now, and find out for yourself!


Use the arrow keys.

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