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Welcome everyone to the page of the Bobby Wasabi To The Rescue game, which is the newest addition of our administrative team into the Kickin' It Games category, which is a newly created category of Disney XD Games in which we have tried our hardest to bring you awesome games today, and we are sure that we have managed to do so, in addition to all of the other cool games that we have managed to add all through the day. In this one, you will be Bobby Wasabi, the most famous martial artist, and if you want to know what you will have to do exactly, make sure that you read the next part of this description carefully! Walk with the left and right arrow keys, jump with the up arrow key, duck with the down arrow key. Use X to punch, C to kick, space bar for a wasabi attack. There are also other combinations of keys which are going to give you the ability to use special kicks or punches. You are going to have to fight all sorts of ninjas along the way, with the end of each level making you fight against a boss. Grab bananas and hearts, but avoid things like barrels or vases. Start right now, and we are sure you will enjoy this game!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, X, C keys.

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