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Welcome everyone to the page of the game entitled Cluck N' Chuck, which is a brand new game added by our administrative team into the Crash and Bernstein Games category, a category of Disney XD Games we highly appreciate, just like we have seen you do as well, so we have done our best to offer you new content in it daily. Well, in this game, you are going to have Crash and Bernstein joined by a chicken, and together with it they will defeat the kids that want to steal their spot. How? By launching the rubber chicken at the rivals. It is a great launching and aiming game, which we will now further explain, to make sure that you have no problems in playing it! There are three levels in total. Aim anywhere on the screen. Click and hold to charge your cannon. Hit the rival team's base five times to win, and if you get hit five times, you lose. Also, collect coins to get extra points. Try to earn three stars at the end of each level. You only have 15 seconds each turn, so make them count! Now that you know how the game works, start it straight away, and you will not be disappointed!


Use the mouse.

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