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Welcome to Boot Camp, which is one of the newest Kick Buttowski Games from our website, which we have seen is a category you like quite a lot, so of course that we are doing our best to bring you all as many awesome games in it as possible, and since we have seen that Boot Camp is a game that you can't find on many other websites, we wanted to share it with you here, in order to be one step closer to the completion of the category. Let us now explain how the game works, so that you can start playing it immediately! To control the vehicle that you will drive you will have to use W to accelerate, D to learn forward, and A to lean backward. To use power-ups, press the space bar. As you go along the track, collect jaguar juice in order to get more speed, but watch out for the different obstacles, because hitting them is going to cost you points from your score. The higher speeds and air time, you get more points, so try to achieve that as often as possible. We are sure that you understood all there is to know about the game, so give it a game right now, and have a tremendous time!


Use the W,A,D keys and the space bar.

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