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For every girl and boy that loves to play The Powerpuff Girls Games online, we have just added yet another new and free game in this category, which we are sure that you will love playing, which is exactly why we have added it. The game is entitled Free Mojo Jojo, and it is based upon an episode of the cartoon, an episode which we loved, just like we loved playing this game. In this game, animal rights protectors said that because Mojo Jojo is a monkey, he should be protected from the three Powerpuff Girls who always beat him up, despite the fact that they do it because he is an evil mastermind. Well, the three girls now have to collect the pages of the law that will prove that Mojo Jojo cannot be classified as an animal, but the hippies will be in their way. Only you can help the girls succeed! You will fly with the three girls using the arrow keys, and you have to reach the destination, and gather the then pages, while trying to gain as many points as possible. Watch out for the flyers, signs, balloons of the protestors, because if they touch you, you will lose a girl, and when you lose all three girls, you lose the game. Have fun, and do your best to win!


Use the arrow keys.

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